Allow me to introduce myself…

I’m Vicky, a freelance email marketer based in Buckinghamshire, UK.

Mailchimp is my Email Service Provider (ESP) of choice, in fact it’s the only one I work on now.


In January 2020, after I’d been creating and sending email campaigns for several years, I decided to niche down. I liked what Mailchimp were about (helping small businesses grow), I found the platform fun to work on (who doesn’t want a high-five every time they complete a task?), and it also happened to be about the time they were launching their Academy.

I felt the best way I could serve Mailchimp users like you would be if I had a comprehensive knowledge of the platform. So, I gained my certifications and went ‘all in’. Mailchimp have continued to expand the support they provide to Partners like me, meaning I can further expand my skills and the support I offer you.

Here are some things you should know…

I’ve been a freelance email marketer since 2017, but I have a varied work history. My previous roles include sales, marketing, administration and wild animal care. Yes, you read that last one correctly… I spent two years working hands on at Tiggywinkles, the British Wildlife Hospital. I believe very role I’ve had feeds into what I do now. I am frequently told that I have a ‘calm’ approach, this probably comes from having fed and handled foxes and badgers!

But what you really need to know is…

I’m an #emailgeek.

I work with small, expanding businesses like yours that don’t have the time or skills to create effective, well designed, regular campaigns in-house.

I provide accountability. I ensure that your campaigns get sent. Consistently.

I take my email and Mailchimp knowledge and utilise it for your brand.

I don’t do unwanted, hard sell emails (spam). I believe in personalised, value based email.

Check out my services HERE.

If you need email marketing assistance, have any questions, or just want more details on my services and how I could help you please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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